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Studio Mike Ahern is a boutique interior design & graphics studio founded in the city of Bath by Mike Ahern. Now located in West Wales, we also work with clients in South Wales as well as the Southwest of England.


Mike initially made his debut into the creative world with a degree in Graphic Design, producing website and graphic designs, firstly within the publishing industry and then as a freelance designer. 

By 2010 this strong grounding in visual arts and publishing inspired Mike to create his own highly successful lifestyle and interiors blog, Brit Decor.

Capitalising on his love of colour, layout and composition, it seemed only natural for Mike to begin applying his creative skill-set to interiors, working both as a designer and stylist in the industry, and never afraid to roll his sleeves up and get creative.

Today Studio Mike Ahern is working with and inspiring residential & holiday homeowners in person and online to discover their own unique style of living, and Mike continues to thrive on getting clients fired-up about the endless potential of interior design. 


Interior Design 

Home Staging 


Furniture Selection

Graphic design 

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